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Archive: Staff

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 26, 2009, 7:55 PM

Hi there! Here at RE we believe in the community and equality, and what better way to express that than introducing to you the "regular Joes" that run and help out with the club? That's what I thought, so here we all are!

x-innocence-x - Founder/Admin
Hey everyone, you can call me Chris. This club has been a part of me since late 2005, and I am very proud of how noticed and achieved it has become thanks to the immense amount of support from it's awesome members! You can always suggest new things for improving the club that you think would help, or improvements for an already existing part of the club. There is lots for you to do here, I hope you enjoy being part of a great community!

mylovestory - Part-time Admin
Hi, I'm Ash. I've been apart of the club since 2005 and loving every minute of it. If you have any suggestions for spotlight send me a message.. I don't bite... hard ;)

ash4love - Chat Manager
'Ello! :tighthug: I'm Ashlin and I've been part of dA for four years and joined RE in the earlier months. I believe RE was a contributing factor to my successes as a writer. It's quite difficult to find a community of writers that is larger and as supportive as this one. The weekend chats are a great way to meet fellow members and ask for direct critiques or help from all types of writers. Keep an eye out for the journal updates and check out the mini contests for a little challenge and a way to earn some club points! :heart:


kittykittyhunter - Manager
AHAHA I HAVE POWER.  ^^; Hey guys ^^;  Hope you’re all well. :) Online, I go by Kitana, or KKH, or whatever other random nickname is bestowed upon me.  I’ve been part of RawEm0tion for a few good years now, and honestly, if you want to improve as a writer this is the club to join.  :heart: I’m the Competitions Manager, which suits me because I’m… Kitana.  O__o  Yeah.  Make sure you browse around the club!

musicalgenius321 - Assistant
Hi there! My name is Abigail. :) I've been on dA since February 2008 and I've been part of =RawEm0tion since October 2008. I've been a writer since I was 11, and while I started with poetry, my gallery now consists of everything from poems to songs to novels. Writing is my passion, writing is the way I express myselfIf you have any suggestions or comments about contests, or if you have any questions, comments, concerns about anything, or you just need a friend/pillow :) feel free to drop a comment or a note by me, I'll be sure to get back to it! :D

ScionOfLove - Assistant
Hey guys, i'm Daanish. which means intelligence. sorry, i just had to say that XD. Well this club is great for everything it is, building on our skills, giving us great friends, and just overall, great stuff to read! as for me, I live in Canada, which means i live in an igloo with my wife the polar bear. I have a passion for writing, which is usually based on who ever i seem to be romantically interested in at the time. so, you guessed it. romance is my forte, if i have any at all. Oh right, some of you, (although very few) may also know my other account shadowgriffen who is obscure, but still had experience that has passed down to me XD. I love contests! (incidentally i won part of the rawemotion one recently) so it only makes sense i have a role in setting them up! :D look forward to working with all of you.


Hey hey everyone! My name is Paige and I have been a member of DA for over 5 years with various accounts and RawEm0tion for over a 2 months (I think) hehe I'm friendly and love to meet new people. If you have any questions, want some critiques, need someone to throw/bounce ideas off or just someone to chat too I am right here! Welcome to RawEm0tion!

Hi my name is Vicki, I go by DarlingAngel here on DA!! I love me new people and getting to know them. I have been a member of DA since February 28, 2007. I love writing poetry, most of my work is emotional and I recently started doing photo manipulation and visual poetry. I am usually on daily so stop by anytime :rose:

Hey DA! My name is Abigail, and I’ve been a member of RE since the beginning of October 2008 and I am already addicted! ;) I have been on DA since February 2008, but have been writing for a much longer time. I usually write poetry, but sometimes a little prose or photography nudges itself into my gallery. I am always on, so feel free to ask me anything! I know my way around pretty well. I’m usually in a good mood, so I don’t bite… hard! :D

Name's Jamie, I'm 32, Love to meet new people, make friends, answer questions. I absolutely LOVE to write, and to read what others have written. Have questions? Ask me! If I don't know the answer, I'll go bug somebody, untill they give it to me!!

Hi i'm ElfMuse I love poetry and writing.
I joinded RE not that long ago and I achieved spotlight status in no time. RE gives me constant support and I want to give all those other people out there support as well. If you have question or anything feel free to note me and i'll do my best to help ^_^ and (> ' ';)> <( ' ' )> <(' ' <;) HUGS!!!!

I'm a beautiful disaster in a bittersweet symphony. I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world. I try to suck the marrow out of life but not choke on the bone. Yes, the world is my oyster... And that, Mr. Keating, is my verse.

Hi, I'm Kayley. (-: I'm 13 years old and have been a part of dA since Dec. 07 and RE since Jan. 08. I'm almost always on and willing to talk to anyone about anything, so feel free to contact me!!

RE Cheer Squad

Call me Elaira. I've been writing for RawEm0tion for a while now, it's been great to see the club grow the way it has. It gives me such spirit. Anyways, thanks to Raw I've finally become what nature wouldn't allow: A Cheerleader!! Let's hear it people! Give me an R...

Submission Policy

So you want to submit to the gallery of RawEm0tion? Read on for more information on how to submit to us so that your submission does not get declined!

:bulletblue: First of all, your submission must relate to the current theme. The current theme will always be listed on the front page, along with the link to the proper folder to submit it in. If you do not submit it to the current theme folder, your submission will be declined.

:bulletblue: Please have at least a mention of the theme you are writing for in your author's notes, so that if your inspiration is unclear it is justified by you writing the theme you were inspired by (even if it's an old submission! Please edit it so that it mentions the theme).

:bulletblue: Only one submission per week/theme per member is allowed!

:bulletblue: Your submission may be a newly written one or it may be an older submission that you feel corresponds with the weekly theme (but remember to edit your comments to mention the theme you are submitting it for).

:bulletblue: The Member Profiles folder is for member profiles only! If you submit a piece to this folder that is not a profile, it will be declined.

:bulletblue: We accept all poetry, prose, and visual poetry.

:bulletblue: And of course, any submission you send in must be your own work, and already submitted to your gallery.

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